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A Tail of: Coming Together (part 4/4)
    The last thing Rae saw before clenching her eyes shut tight, was the beginning motion of Spike’s swift blow.
    However, after a few moments passed, she opened one eye, curious as to why she didn’t feel anything. An expression of surprise was across Spike’s fact, as he had clearly landed a blow. Just not on who he was aiming for. The vixen’s eyes traveled to the side slowly, only to land on Archie as he fell into the dirt in a cloud of dust. Long, red claw marks traveled across his face, his hands holding over them as he cried out in pain.
    “What the….why did you..” she stuttered in shock, her eyes glued to him.
    “Archie!” Furball screamed out in horror, desperately trying to break free from the alligator. “Let me go, stupid reptile! Let me go!”
    “Well.” Spike glanced
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A Tail of: Coming Together (part 3/4)
    Archie could hear the sound of heavy rain pouring down on the surface above him. His eyes remained closed, as his ears stayed flat against his head. He didn’t know where he was. All he knew was the fact that he was indoors, and safe from the storm. He could feel some sort of cloth fabric below him. The air was warm and comfortable, but the silence was sharp and cold. The fox didn’t want to open his eyes and see his surroundings. If he opened his eyes, he’d see that his parents were really gone. But if he kept them closed, he could imagine that he was in bed right now. He could imagine that his parents were across the hallway in the living room, watching tonight’s football game.
    But the explosion of thunder outside flung his eyes wide open. The room was dark. Very dark. It took his eyes a few moments to adjust, so he could take in his surroundings. He was curled up in the corner of a small cloth couch, with a small oak coffee
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A Tail of: Coming Together (part 2/4)
     Archie took a few moments to reflect on the events that had lead up to this point. He came to realize that perhaps he came on a bit strong.
    He definitely came on strong.
    The fox’s ears remained flat, eyes locking with the stern glare emitting from the feline across the table. “Furball..” he began quietly. “I didn’t mean to force myself upon you like this. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you.” he sighed. “At first, yes, I was looking for anybody to be my friend, but now, I realize, that means nothing to me. I just want to see you smile, and be happy.”
    “Well, I never asked for your help, kid. In the future, learn to back off.” Furball spoke coldly, sitting up from the booth and tossing his napkin onto the table down below. “I appreciate that you bought lunch for me, but I think I should go.”
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A Tail of: Coming Together (part 1/4)
    Sunlight poured in through the window, highlighting the bright orange fur of a child in his sleep. A unique, yet subtle triangle pattern ran along the cat’s sides. The light beamed off the gold tag that dangled from the blue collar around his neck, as his bright green eyes began to open. Barely awake, he rolled over onto his side. A blue blanket fell into his gaze, staring down at it upon his floor. A yawn followed from yet another night of restless sleep. Sitting up, the appearance of his room began to flood in. Strips of peeling paint hung from barren walls, as the splintering wooden floor rested below. A growl of the feline’s stomach pushed him out of his bed, crawling off his old, springy mattress.
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Hey there, trash mammals.

I've spent the past couple days reading through A Tail of: Coming Together, taking a sizable collection of notes along the way.
Using those notes, I have updated each of the four parts that make up the story. The changelog for the story is the following:

-Removed the scene from Archie and Furball: Beautiful Loser, which was located at the start of the story
-Minor tweaks to dialogue and descriptions throughout the story
-Spelling and grammar fixes
-Removed the scene from Archie and Furball: Beautiful Loser, which was located at the end of part 4.
-Added a new ending, which will lead into the next story

If you haven't given the story a read yet, I hope you'll give it a chance. This is the very beginning of Archie, Furball, and Rae's adventures, and there's more to come.
Speaking of which, I now plan on taking Archie and Furball: Beautiful Loser and completely rewriting it. The purpose of this is to create a proper direct follow up to Coming Together. The story will be reuploaded under a new name as well, continuing the "A Tail of:" name.

That's all for now, folks.
Stay Classy.



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swiftcutter Featured By Owner May 7, 2017
Sure thing! Thanks for hanging out.
Here it is...…
FoxyToast Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I absolutely adore this. Is it okay if I upload this? With full credit to you, of course.
swiftcutter Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
Certainly. Glad you like it. : )
TVsRik Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Was curious if you know what happened to dogatemyschrooms, i haven't heard from him in 2 years and was wondering if he is alright.
FoxyToast Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's currently in college. I talk to him regularly yet. He's been doing well, and I can certainly let him know that you say hi.
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